Is Kong up to the challenge? Can Kong avoid disaster and free the Lion?


Unlimited Levels


Excellent Game Play


Hours of fun!


World Wide Score Board


Classic Retro Theme

Released : 08/05/2015

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Kool Kong is inspired by the 1980's Table game Donkey Kong Jnr.


You take on the role of Kong, facing many challenges in your attempt to free the chained lion.


Collect a key, dodge the birds, jump onto vines, drop on the umbrellas, rise on the balloons and un-lock a chain.... go back and repeat until all three chains have been un-locked!


This great, colourful and whacky game will give hours of entertainment.


Controls are simple. To move Kong, just tap the screen left, right, down or above where you want to move Kong... as long as there isn't any logs in the way. The birds will block you and you could end up getting wet, if you fail to negotiate the umbrellas and balloons.


Can you put a smile on the lions face?