Yttrium Wars


Retro Space Theme


Great Game Play


15 Intense Levels

Released : 01/12/2015

The solar system is under attack!


Enemy dreadnoughts have been placed in orbit around each of the 15 planets in this galactic sector.


They have been sent to drain resources from the planetary cores, for the purpose of using them in their power units! Each dreadnought seeks out a different element for its onboard converter. Your Manta class space fighter will be transported to each planet in turn, and it's your task to fly over the dreadnought and disable it by destroying everything possible. Each dreadnought has a different configuration of walls (which cannot be destroyed, and will destroy your Manta if you hit them!) and other structures, which must be negotiated (or destroyed) in order to reach the safe landing zone following each Dreadnought.


This task is hampered by squadrons of enemy fighters that fly at the Manta in waves, they won't fire at you, but if they crash into you, or you into them, your Manta is destroyed! If your Manta is destroyed during any level, and if you have any lives left, you will be transported back to the front of the current Dreadnought to fly over it again with another Manta.


Any damage you cause will not need doing again, but the enmy fighters still keep coming!


An extra life is awarded at 100000, 250000, 500000, 750000 and 1000000 points.


The game will keep your best 10 scores, and with a WiFi (or data) connection, your score, and initials, will be submitted to the top 50 world high score table (if it's good enough!) This is an old-school shoot-em-up ... simple to play, but with a progressive difficulty level.


Happy shooting Manta pilot!