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Huge Game Maze

Released : 01/12/2015

Xylo Your task is simple : Find the 500 gems scattered randomly around the maze.


There's a problem, or to be more precise, four problems : the edge "Defenders" They will constantly try and line themselves up with your location (either horizontally or vertically), once they have a lock on you, they'll fly across the room to try and hit you.


You may only have a meager 3 lives, but those 3 lives each have 3 possible hits. So, in theory, just like a cat, you've got 9 lives to get the task done.


You can only walk on the floor grids, the game won't let you fall off into the water below (because that would be just a little bit too cruel, given the task you have to do!) If you walk onto a floor grid with a red/yellow pattern on it, you'll be transported to the next room in that direction.


The game features an "auto-save" Your current progress will be saved when you move from room to room, or you return back to the main menu. If a saved game is present when you tap "play", you will be given the option to continue that game, or start a new one.


NOTE : If you complete the game (find all 500 gems), the "auto-save" game will automatically be removed.