Tarmac Tommy


16 Awesome Levels


Great Graphics & Sounds


Superb Track Experience

Released 15/03/2016

Welcome to the world of Tarmac Tommy!


There's 16 levels to negotiate, each with a certain amount of coins to collect.


Each level contains checkpoint flags, which can be collected only once. If you hit a track edge, you will be returned back to it.


Hitting any obstacle on the track causes damage to your car (as does hitting the edge). If your car gets too damaged ... it's game over!


Each track contains fuel cans, use these at the garage ... DON'T run out of fuel!


If you don't use any fuel cans you collect on the level, you only take HALF of them to the next one!


Spanners are also located on the track, collect these to make repairs to your car at the garage. Spanners CANNOT be taken to another level!


Collecting jewels give you points, the quicker you collect them, the more points they are worth.


Look out for the "Trophy Items", they're not easy to spot, but will give you a nice bonus! There is one trophy item on each level. Collect them all and be rewarded! Careful not to complete the level before finding the trophy item!


You can customize your vehicle ... choose from colours, and 5 different stripe styles!


"Track Mode" set to DAY is the easiest setting. NIGHT is the hardest (and gives you more points!) AUTO compresses 24 hours into an hour ... midday is on the hour, and midnight is 30 minutes later!