The Game Creators are showcasing four ApkGames.Guru games within their Steam AppGameKit - Games Pack 1.



ApkGames.Guru Titles Include:

































Other Titles:



SHURIKEN - Smash your way to success with Shuriken Strike. Play in standard mode with lives, or against the clock.


SMIRKERS - Smirkers is a great puzzler that will entertain, frustrate and elate. Change all of the Smirkers green and make them happy.


SPHERICAL TRILOGY - Push the spheres onto the finishing locations in this great looking isometric game.


STICKY ORBS - Sticky Orbs is an addictive puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours.


TOWERBOTS - Towerbots is a great addition to the Tower Defence genre. Defend your way through wave after wave of robots.


WAGGLE 2 - You have to drag a waggle over another waggle to remove them from the board.






CHOPPER - This remake is based on the vintage game - demolish the hotels to land your stricken chopper.


EXCALIBUR - Jump on hexagons to change them to the target colour, keep moving to avoid the enemies on the podium with you.


PENGUIN PANIC - A colourful, wacky and fun game. Move the Penguins into groups of 2 or more. Beware as the difficulty increases.


SNOOKER LOOPY PRO - A puzzle challenge based on Snooker and Pool.