Spherical Trilogy


Great Puzzle Experience


Excellent Game Play


Authentic Sounds


Great Graphics


Released : 12/07/2015

The idea of the game is simple ... push the spheres onto the finishing locations (signified by orange squares on the floor) at which point they will turn green.


The level is complete when all the spheres have been turned green.


Does that sound easy? Maybe it is, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. The spheres can only be pushed, one at time, and never pulled.


Every level you complete gains you an extra "reset" (you start a new game with 2).

The game contains 300 levels, split equally between the 3 parts (use the arrow buttons at the top of the screen to select which part you want to play).


It may take some time to complete them all.


A record is kept of your progress through the game ("statistics"), and each part of the game has separate records.


When viewing your statistics, tapping on the record for any completed level will show you a replay of how it was done (or simply to show your friends).


You can start from any level you've previously completed ... tap the left and right arrow buttons under "continue game" to change the start point.


Tapping on "continue game" will start you from the level shown.


Please note : If you start a "new game", any statistics WILL be cleared for the currently selected part.