Snooker Loopy Pro


3 Games in 1 !


Superb Game Play!


World High Break Table

Clean White Feature


Free Ball Feature

Released : 18/11/2015

Played Snooker Loopy, Loopy US or Loopy UK, then you MUST try this. All 3 games in 1 ! Yes, Snooker and Pool (UK and US style).


Fantastic graphics and sounds. Careful not to make any mistakes, the professor is soon to tell you!


Put your expert break building skills to the test and become the World #1 !


Use the free-ball wisely. Don't forget to clean the White, as in all games, that cue ball can get mighty dirty.


Game play is simple, use the hands to move the cue and then tap the thumb to hit the white. For Snooker, pot a Red, then Colour and repeat this.

Similar for Pool, pot a Spot/Stripe or Red/Yellow.


A free-ball is awarded after each 50 points scored in Snooker, 200 in US Pool and 100 in UK Pool. You don't need to use the free-ball until you feel you could become trapped with no ball on. When this happens, tap the White ball to the right and then position where you need to ensure a continued break.


Change the baize too by tapping the colour pallet. Switch off the Professor animation by tapping the mini-prof and if the Snooker Loopy music isn't to your taste, just switch it off. All settings are remembered.