Presidents Puzzle


Great Puzzle Experience


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Great Graphics


Released : 30/07/2015

The idea is to remove groups of Presidents (2 or more together) from the screen before the timer runs out.


The bigger the group, the more points you get.


You have to remove 100 Presidents from the screen to complete each level.


Once the Presidents have been removed, the ones above will drop down, and fresh ones appear from the top.


If there are no possible groups, you will be told, and will lose a life (you start with 3, and are NOT given any more).


The timer bar ticks down at a constant rate, roughly 2 seconds for each bar on level 1, and gets slightly quicker at the start of every level.

If you run out of time, you lose a life, and the level WILL restart.


A bonus is awarded at the end of each level for the time you have remaining ... do the level quicker, get a bigger time bonus. You are also rewarded a bonus calculated on the President groups you remove ... the more larger President groups you remove, the higher the "Presidents Bonus".


There are 2 ways to play the game ...


The quicker, simply tap on a Presidents group to remove it. Doing it this way could lead to mistakes.


Tapping a single President costs you five timer bars ... but you get the chance of getting a bigger score.


The slower, and probably more frantic, use the arrow controls in the lower part of the screen to highlight a Presidents group,

tap the "tick" button (which will only become active if the cursor is on a valid group). Doing it this way means you can't make a mistake, but you'll get a lower score!


This game features a "highest world scores" feature (which requires an internet connection, either through WiFi, or the devices mobile signal).


Players don't just see what personal best they can get, but can compete for being the "best in the world", or at least make the top 50.

Your own personal scores are shown in a separate high score table, so if you can't be the best in the world, you can try to get your own highest score.